SUN CIRCUIT Quarter Horse Show in Scottsdale Arizona


The Arizona Quarter Horse Association announces today that the Sun Circuit show will be moving to March 4th thru the12th in 2017. The show has experienced scheduling difficulties at the West World facility in January due to the premier auto auction, Barrett-Jackson, occurring at the facility in the same time frame. After many difficult discussions in regards to the ongoing conflict at the facility the Sun Circuit Over Sight Committee recommended the change to the board, who, then approved. AQHA was then approached in regards to working thru the many conflicts and notices needed for such a move. The Board worked diligently to work thru pending conflicts and negative effects to the industry. Regretfully, such a change may impact many. The board felt due to the magnitude of the facility difficulties that this was a change that had to happen. Plans are for the show to continue each year on the March dates.

Beyond resolving the Barrett Jackson conflict, there are many positives that will be realized through the date change. After successive years of abundant rainfall the show will occur at a time when Scottsdale historically is experiencing some of its best weather of the year. The show will also occur at a time when the new North Hall, South Hall and Equidome expansion project at West World can be fully utilized accommodating more indoor arenas as well as vendors. The Phoenix Open golf tournament will no longer be occurring at the same time as Sun Circuit. This will open additional parking on the West World grounds that was formerly utilized by the Open and lighten the traffic on roads near the show. Sun Circuit will move in immediately following the tremendous Scottsdale Arabian show. This proximity to the Arabian show may afford Sun Circuit the opportunity to utilize some of the infrastructure the Arabian show installs for their event.

The March date should fit well for exhibitors who like to attend the major January Florida circuit shows as well. North East and South East exhibitors may find it much more suitable for attending AQHA's major circuits.

To make the scheduling at West World all fit there is additional exciting news, plans are underway to host the 63rd annual Parada Del Sol rodeo as a part of the evening schedule. Parada Del Sol has a long history in Scottsdale of producing a great PRCA event drawing many of the Worlds top cowboys and cowgirls.

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association realizes change at times is inevitable. The Association strives to enhance the American Quarter Horse industry and give each of its exhibitors the best possible experience at its shows.