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Welcome to the Web Site devoted to Phoenix Arizona zip code 85018. 85018 is home to the very desirable Arcadia neighborhoods as well as parts of Camelback Mountain. 85018 is centrally located so it is easy to get to Old Scottsdale, the Esplanade, and downtown Phoenix. During high school I lived next door in 85251 on the Phoenician Golf Course and while I attended Brophy, my three brothers all attended Arcadia High School. Today many of my friends and family still live in Arcadia so I am very familiar with the area. I am also a member of the Luxury Home Tour and personally see over 200 multi-million dollar luxury estate homes every year so I am also familiar with home values in the area.

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Zip code 85018 is best known for the three Arcadia neighborhoods: Arcadia Proper, Arcadia Lite, and Lower Arcadia. Here is a map* of Phoenix zip code 85018, Scottsdale zip code 85251, Arcadia Proper, Arcadia Lite, and Lower Arcadia.

85253 map

*This map was uploaded to our site in May of 2016 for illustration purposes only.
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Arcadia Proper is in two zip codes; Phoenix zip code 85018, and Scottsdale zip code 85251. The northern boarder is Camelback Road, the southern boarder is the canal, the western boarder is 44th street, and the eastern boarder is 68th street. Arcadia Proper is home to the original citrus orchards that started the Arcadia neighborhood in the early 1900's. Orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees still sit in most of the yards as you drive through the neighborhood. Arcadia Proper is made up of larger estate homes situated on lush green lots. If you are looking for a family friendly neighborhood and have a big budget then this is the place for you. The lot value for a 1/2 acre lot in 2016 can be as much as $1.4 million and newer homes in 2016 have already sold for more than $7 million. Search for homes in Arcadia Proper

Arcadia Lite is just to the east of Arcadia Proper and is more affordable. Recently home prices are ranging from $300,000 to almost $2 million. The northern boarder is Camelback Road, the southern boarder is Indian School Road, the western boarder is 32nd street, and the eastern boarder is 44th street. It has been called Hip. Funky. Fresh. Arcadia Lite is known for its trendsetting style and eclectic crowd. This part of the neighborhood is where you can find hot spots like La Grande Orange, Postinos, The Vig, The Attic, Little Woody's, Tee Pee, and the Madison Improvement Club to name a few. Arcadia Lite is great for those that want the central location and Arcadia aesthetic in a more modest budget. Arcadia Lite is now home to many young professionals who want to be close to major business and entertainment centers. If you work near the Esplanade, downtown Phoenix, or Scottsdale then this location provides you with a quick commute.
Arcadia Lite is highly regarded for its tight-knit community and safe streets. In the mornings you will typically find people hanging out for coffee at La Grande Orange. During the evenings people are having a glass of wine at Postinos, or sitting in their front yard on Adirondack chairs. The canal and quiet streets of Arcadia Lite provide a great place for those that love taking walks, bike rides, or runs. Arcadia Lite was recently named one of the hottest neighborhoods in Phoenix. Search for homes in Arcadia Lite

Lower Arcadia shares many of the same characteristics as Arcadia Proper. The northern boarder is Indian School Road, the southern boarder is Thomas Road, the western boarder is 44th street, and the eastern boarder is 56th street. Homes in Lower Arcadia are well-suited for family life with homes falling in the 2,000-7,000 square foot range. Homes in Lower Arcadia range from $300,000-$1.2 million. With prices similar to those found in Arcadia Lite it is just a matter of preference for those who live here. Many home in Lower Arcadia are being remodeled. Similar to the rest of Arcadia, residents of this part of the neighborhood are well positioned to make quick commutes all over central Phoenix and Scottsdale which is why it is a highly desired area of Phoenix. Search for homes in Lower Arcadia

Another area in 85018 that has several multi-million dollar homes is north of Camelback road near Camelback Mountain.
Search for homes near Camelback Mountain.